Honeybell Tangelos The Honeybell’s name comes from its flavor, form, and family tree. Its nectarous taste and unique bell shape give it its first name, while its ancestors -- the tangerine and pomelo (A.K.A. grapefruit) merge to form its last. More specifically, the Honeybell descends from the Dancy Tangerine and the Duncan Grapefruit. The result is an incredibly easy-to-peel fruit with savory sweetness. Like all good things, however, the Honeybell season comes to an end -- and quickly. Available in January only, so order now! FREE Shipping* See page 38 for details. 10 Available in January ONLY Available in January ONLY Honeybell Tangelos Approx. Wt. Price CRP KTHB-5 5 lbs $41.95 2 KTHB-10 10 lbs $51.95 3 KTHB-20 20 lbs $61.95 4 KTHB-30 30 lbs $81.95 5 KTHB-40 40 lbs $91.95 6 Prices Include Shipping