Temple Oranges Add some zest to your favorite recipes with Temple oranges. Temples are sweet and tangy with an easy-to-peal “zipper” skin, similar to a tangerine. What a great way to add some zip to your day! Due to the seasonal unpredictability of this citrus variety, it is difficult to forecast their availability. They will be picked and shipped when their flavor and quality is at its peak to ensure that you receive only the freshest fruit. Honey Tangerines These tangerines are as sweet as honey! And for all their juicy taste, Honey tangerines are loaded with nutrition. Children of all ages love Sun Harvest tangerines. They are nature’s go-anywhere, peel-and-eat treat! FREE Shipping* See page 38 for details. 12 Mid Season Treats Available February and March Temple Oranges Approx. Wt. Price CRP KTT-5 5 lbs $39.95 2 KTT-10 10 lbs $49.95 3 KTT-20 20 lbs $59.95 4 KTT-30 30 lbs $79.95 5 KTT-40 40 lbs $89.95 6 Prices Include Shipping Honey Tangerines Approx. Wt. Price CRP KTHT-5 5 lbs $39.95 2 KTHT-10 10 lbs $49.95 3 KTHT-20 20 lbs $59.95 4 KTHT-30 30 lbs $79.95 5 KTHT-40 40 lbs $89.95 6 Prices Include Shipping