Valencia Oranges Valencia Oranges are the last orange of the Florida citrus season. All that extra time ripening on the tree gives Valencias an abundance of juice and flavor, perfect for both eating and juicing. When juiced, they produce a glass of pure Florida sunshine! Best of all, Valencias keep well, retaining their just picked flavor and juiciness for up to six weeks in your refrigerator. Be sure to order plenty to have on hand for cool refreshment all summer long! 13 Allow Us To Pick The Perfect Citrus For You. 800-743-1480 Last But Not Least Available March and April Valencia Oranges Approx. Wt. Price CRP KTV-5 5 lbs $39.95 2 KTV-10 10 lbs $49.95 3 KTV-20 20 lbs $59.95 4 KTV-30 30 lbs $79.95 5 KTV-40 40 lbs $89.95 6 Prices Include Shipping Available in April Only Selection Code Price CRP Florida Peaches 15 Count KTFP $35.95 2 Price Includes Shipping Florida Peaches "The sweetest peach this side of Georgia." It's a superlative but appropriate claim. Our customers confirm that, in the South Florida peach industry, our product stands head of its class. And who isn't likely to do well with a supportive family and a lot of attention? Family member and grower David McKenzie supervises our peaches from planting to harvest. They arrive fresh at our store, the day after being picked. So, if you've just come from Georgia and are longing for a taste of home, see that your road bends toward Sun Harvest Citrus!