FREE Shipping* See page 38 for details. 2 Welcome to Our 2017-2018 Season David McKenzie Sandy McKenzie Nicely Edsall Groves Sun Harvest Citrus The Sun Harvest Citrus story began in 1940, when Robert Edsall, Sr. planted his first grove in Vero Beach, Florida. The Indian River location had been declared optimum for growing fruit with a unique, exceptionally sweet blend of flavor. Robert’s diversity in variety selection quickly proved successful and, decades later, he passed the Edsall Groves legacy on to his son, Bobby. Today, Robert’s grandson, David McKenzie, oversees the groves. In 1990, the business took on a new dimension when the family decided to offer the extraordinary taste of Indian River citrus to the public by building its own packinghouse and retail store. The result? Sun Harvest Citrus, born under the leadership of Robert’s granddaughter, Sandy McKenzie Nicely. She now carries on what has become a three generation tradition by offering the family’s outstanding Indian River citrus, fresh-squeezed juices, specialty foods, candies, gifts, and more at the Fort Myers store. At Sun Harvest Citrus, we consider each of you our friends -- the kind of people who could take a walk through one of our groves, enjoy a chat with our grower, and leave with a bag of freshly picked citrus. In that spirit, we've added our Best Value quarter bushel bag to this year's lineup to give you that fresh-out-of-the-grove feeling. (see pg. 8) Because once again, that sweet combination of Florida's warm sunshine and traditional summertime afternoon showers has dressed our trees in a beautiful array of fruit. As always, we invite you to visit our Fort Myers retail store and packinghouse, a southeast Florida landmark with a down home feel. If you can't make it in person (and even if you can) please take the time to like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram and Twitter. It's not the same as a front porch visit, but we love to stay in touch! No matter where you live, our premium Indian River citrus, bagged or boxed, is sure to bring you unparalleled Florida flavor! Now what's not to like about that? Sincerely, Our Packinghouse located in Fort Myers, Florida Our Retail Store open year round