FREE Shipping* See page 38 for details. 28 Christmas Gifts for 2017 Merry Citrus Tree The tradition of the Christmas tree has been around since the 16th century, when evergreens were first used to celebrate the holiday in modern day Latvia and Germany. Five hundred years later, we’re still piling on the tinsel, lights, ornaments, and garland. Our Merry Citrus Tree, a sun-drenched holiday gift, puts a new twist on the tradition. Now with ten sweet, seedless, easy-to-peel BABY-O Mandarins and a delicious grapefruit. Each tree is trimmed with assorted Lindt gourmet truffles and a solid, orange flavored chocolate star, made exclusively for Sun Harvest Citrus! • Solid Orange Flavored Chocolate Star • Assorted Lindt Truffles Holiday Wreath Nothing sends holiday wishes from Florida more beautifully than a wreath of delicious, sun-ripened Florida citrus! We’ve added a box of chocolate covered cranberries to provide the perfect pairing any time of year. • Chocolate Covered Cranberries Enhance this gift! Add 10 lbs of Select Citrus for ONLY $10 - A $49.95 value! Selection Code Price CRP Merry Citrus Tree KTMCT $42.95 2 Merry Citrus Tree w/ 10lb KTMCT-10 $52.95 3 Prices Include Shipping Available December Only Featuring Mandarins Available December Only Selection Code Price CRP All Oranges KTCW-O $59.95 4 All Grapefruit KTCW-G $59.95 4 Oranges/Grapefruit KTCW-OG $59.95 4 Three Citrus Varieties** KTCW-PTM $59.95 4 **Avaliable Dec, Jan, Feb ONLY Prices Include Shipping