29 Allow Us To Pick The Perfect Citrus For You. 800-743-1480 Order by Dec. 15th for Christmas delivery Holiday Helper Let’s face it. We all need a little help during the holidays and it shows up in all shapes and sizes. Gift-wrapping stations, expedited shipping, young kitchen assistants eager to stir cookie batter. So, when it comes to pleasing those on our guest lists, we suggest the Holiday Helper. It comes with over seven pounds of citrus, accompanied by delightful delicacies that take recipients from breakfast through mid-afternoon chocolate cravings. After all, even Santa needs helpers. • Assorted Lindt Truffles • Florida Marmalades, two assorted 3-ounce jars Holiday Deluxe Basket of Fruit Our Holiday Deluxe Basket is the perfect therapy for that family member who can't make it home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Even with its simplicity, this one calls to mind all things holiday: the taste of mom's shortbread with a peppermint twist, the satisfying flavor of a bold mug of hot chocolate, and the pungent fragrance of citrus being peeled. The spirit of the warm hearth and welcoming table around which the family has gathered for so many years in one basket. • 10 lbs of Fresh Citrus • Sipping Chocolate • Peppermint Snowman Cookies Enhance this gift! Add 10 lbs of Select Citrus for ONLY $10 - A $49.95 value! Selection Code Price CRP Holiday Helper KTHLP-OG $54.95 3 Holiday Helper w/ 10lb KTHLP-10 $64.95 4 Prices Include Shipping Available November and December Selection Code Price CRP Oranges/Grapefruit KTHDBF-OG $59.95 2 Price Includes Shipping Available November and December