FREE Shipping* See page 38 for details. 30 Christmas Gifts for 2017 Junior Christmas Grove Basket Looking for a festive gift with vintage flair? Our Junior Christmas Grove Basket, filled with eight pounds of flavor-packed citrus, fits the bill. This basket’s old-fashioned charm, simple warmth, and holiday cheer give its recipients a walk-through-the- grove feel with flavor that’s fresh from the tree. It’s all but dew-drenched. • Two Pecan Rolls • Chocolate Covered Cranberries Christmas Grove Basket On December 25, 1837, soldiers and volunteers arrived at a site just outside of modern day Orlando with instructions to build a fort. Mission accomplished, they named the place “Fort Christmas,” after their arrival date. So began the small Florida town of Christmas, whichtodayismuchsoughtafterforitsholidaypostmark. A slice of Florida, a bit of history, and Christmas. These same three elements make up our nostalgic Christmas Grove Basket, loaded with 19 pounds of Indian River Citrus, adorned with seasonal goodies. It’s sure to receive your stamp of approval! • Chocolate Covered Pecans • Chocolate Covered Cranberries • Peppermint Snowman Cookies • Cinnamon Pecans • Pecan Roll Selection Code Price CRP Oranges/Grapefruit KTJCGB-OG $58.95 3 Price Includes Shipping Available November and December Selection Code Price CRP Oranges/Grapefruit KTCGB-OG $74.95 3 Price Includes Shipping Available November and December