FREE Shipping* See page 38 for details. 32 Florida Cracker Smacker The term "Florida Cracker" was coined to describe whip crackin' cowboys who drove huge herds of cattle across the open, lush Florida ranges back in the day. In honor of those early settlers, we present to you our Cracker Smacker, a tasty array that smacks of both taste and heritage. Enjoy. • Everglades Seasoning • Smoked Alligator Jerky • Deep Fried Peanuts • Road Kill Grill Seasoning • Gator Hammock Bullgator Sauce • Everglades Seasoned All-Purpose Breading Southern Sampler Serve or send some southern hospitality to your family and friends with our plentiful sampling of chocolate and candy coated pecans and peanuts. A yummy 19 ounces of deep Southern flavor. • Chocolate Pecans • Chocolate Peanuts • Cinnamon Pecans Our Popular Items Enhance this gift! Add 10 lbs of Select Citrus for ONLY $10 - A $49.95 value! Selection Code Price Southern Sampler KTSHE $36.95 Price Includes Shipping Available November thought April Selection Code Price Florida Cracker Smacker KTFCS $39.95 Florida Cracker Smacker w/10lb KTFCS-10 $49.95 Prices Include Shipping Available year-round