FREE Shipping* See page 38 for details. 36 Unique Gifts Orange Flavored Lip Balm Premium Fruit Wines Always the Real Thing! Orange Blossom Honey Selection Code Price Honey 8 oz. KTOBH $9.49 Honey 8 oz. with orange slice KTOBS $10.99 Prices Include Shipping Selection Code Price 10 Pack Only KTLB $24.99 Prices Include Shipping Available year-round Available year-round NEW A special $25.00 shipping and handling fee for quantity from 1 bottle to 9 bottles will be added per delivery address. An adult over 21 years MUST be at home for the wine to be delivered by FedEx. Not available in all states. Available year-round All Wines are $21.99 each and come in 750-ml bottles. Current varieties include: • Mango Mama • Mama Guava • Key Limen • Cocoa Beach • Tangelo • Tangier Tangerine • Festiberry Cranberry • Honeydew Hideout • White Gold Peach • Florida Fever Passion • Sinfully Noble (Dry) • Hot Sun Tomato • Strawberry Blush • Florida Banana • Hurricane Class 5 - White Sangria • Blueberry Blue (Semi-sweet) • Coco Polado - Coconut • Orange Blossom Honey • Black Gold Blackberry (Semi-sweet) • Black Gold Blackberry (Dry) • Orange Sunshine (Dry) • Orange Sunshine (Sweet) • Florida Sunset Pineapple • Florida Pink Grapefruit • Juicy Melon (Watermelon) • King Kiwi • Midnight Sun