4 FREE Shipping on All Orders* See page 2 for details. Mandarins $41.95 to $91.95 Sun Harvest Citrus’ Baby-O Mandarins make an outstanding on-the-go snack that can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime by kids and adults alike. These small finger friendly treats are naturally sweet, seedless, and easy to peel. Kids give them a rave review and love Baby-O's as a delicious lunchbox snack or surprise stocking stuffer. Adults appreciate this new gem of a Florida fruit as a healthy alternative snack throughout the day. Honeybell Tangelos $41.95 to $91.95 Our most coveted fruit. Honeybells have a memorable flavor of nectar-like sweetness and are generally seedless. Although easy to peel, we recommend doing it over a sink as this fruit has a very high juice content. In high demand, this Florida citrus is only available in January. Don’t miss the hype and order for your loved ones today! Honeybells aren’t oranges! They are a hybrid of the Dancy Tangerine and the Duncan Grapefruit. This bell-shaped fruit (hence its name) cannot be picked. The top of the bell is delicate and would tear if it was harvested in the traditional way. Each Honeybell must be hand trimmed off the tree carefully with a pair of clippers. Harvesting this fruit is a very labor-intensive process, but anyone who has had a Honeybell knows it’s worth it! Honeybell Tangelos Approx. Wt. Price CRP KTHB-5 5 lbs $41.95 3 KTHB-10 10 lbs $51.95 4 KTHB-20 20 lbs $61.95 5 KTHB-30 30 lbs $81.95 7 KTHB-40 40 lbs $91.95 8 Available January ONLY! Approx. Wt. Price CRP KTB-5 5 lbs $41.95 3 KTB-10 10 lbs $51.95 4 KTB-20 20 lbs $61.95 5 KTB-30 30 lbs $81.95 7 KTB-40 40 lbs $91.95 8 Available December ONLY!