Ruby Red Grapefruit Plump and juicy, sweet and tart. Our Ruby Red grapefruit are so remarkably delicious that even folks who say they dislike grapefruit can’t help loving these succulent beauties! White Grapefruit This classic variety sparkles with golden juice. A refreshing treat anytime! Grapefruit is most often associated with breakfast, but don't let that limit your imagination. Grapefruit is also super in salads and with fish or chicken. In fact, it's best when paired with protein and a little fat, like a handful of walnuts. FREE Shipping* See page 38 for details. 6 Indian River's Best Available November through April Available December and January ONLY Ruby Grapefruit Approx. Wt. Price CRP KTR-5 5 lbs $39.95 2 KTR-10 10 lbs $49.95 3 KTR-20 20 lbs $59.95 4 KTR-30 30 lbs $79.95 5 KTR-40 40 lbs $89.95 6 Prices Include Shipping White Grapefruit Approx. Wt. Price CRP KTW-5 5 lbs $39.95 2 KTW-10 10 lbs $49.95 3 KTW-20 20 lbs $59.95 4 KTW-30 30 lbs $79.95 5 KTW-40 40 lbs $89.95 6 Prices Include Shipping