8 FREE Shipping on All Orders* See page 2 for details. November December Selection Code Price CRP Oranges & Grapefruit KTFCW $61.95 5 Selection Code Price CRP Oranges & Grapefruit KTCW $61.95 5 "Each holiday season our friends and family eagerly await their wreath of delicious oranges and grapefruit. Who says happiness can't be bought." Debbie A. Milwaukee, WI Florida Citrus Wreath $61.95 KTFCW, CRP 5 Our Florida Citrus Wreath is made of 19 pounds of oranges and grapefruit. Send a message filled with succulent citrus and sunshine all season long. We will add a 4-ounce package of orange glazed pecans for a tasty finishing touch. • Orange Pecans Holiday Wreath $61.95 KTCW, CRP 5 Nothing sends holiday wishes from Florida more beautifully than a wreath of delicious, sun-ripened Florida citrus! We've added a box of chocolate covered cranberries to provide the perfect pairing any time of year. • Chocolate Covered Cranberries