9 800-743-1480 Allow Us To Pick The Perfect Citrus For You. Selection Code Price CRP All Honeybells KTBELL $64.95 5 January February Send the Perfect Parade November Florida Citrus Wreath . . . $61.95 December Holiday Wreath . . . . . . .$61.95 January Honeybell Wreath . . . . . . .$64.95 February Sweetheart Wreath (less 40%) . . $37.17 Selection Code Price CRP Oranges & Grapefruit KTSHW $61.95 5 Honeybell Wreath $64.95 KTBELL, CRP 5 In London, the New Year has long been announced by church bells ringing out at midnight to bid the last year farewell and welcome the next twelve months. We can not think of a more cheerful way to ring in the New Year than with our Honeybell Wreath. In this gorgeous arrangement, you’ll find 19 pounds of Honeybells, aptly named for their mouth-watering flavor and bell-like shape. Then we top it with a 5-ounce bag of locally made Honeybell Breezer cookies. Order early because these citrus chimes ring through January only. • Honeybell Breezers Cookies Sweetheart Wreath $61.95 KTSHW, CRP 5 To give sweets or not to give sweets? Ah, the sweetheart’s eternal dilemma. We think we’ve hit upon the perfect solution with our Sweetheart Wreath, where a little indulgence marries the renowned flavor of nutrition-packed Florida citrus. Welcomed by guys and girls, for any sweetheart’s occasion. • Milk Chocolate Lindt Truffles