Honeybell Express with Red grapefruit

Honeybell Express with  Red grapefruit
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December ONLY

Detailed Description

Honeybell Express with Red Grapefruit

Reserve your Honeybells today! Supplies of our sweet

and juicy Honeybells are limited. Order by December

18th and, to arrive in time for Christmas, well express

a 16-ounce jar of Honeybell marmalade announcing

your gift to come. Then, in early January, we'll ship

the delicious sun-ripened Honeybells fresh from our


Two gifts in one!

Marmalade in December

Honeybells in January



Red Grapefruit


The traditional seedless red grapefruit.

Juicy and sweet-tart, its

a natural healthful indulgence.




A dear friend who lives in Florida during the cold winter

months has previously purchased your citrus fruit and says

he can't get enough of it! As a thank you gift to my family,

he and his wife ordered your delicious Honeybell

Tangelos and Ruby Grapefruit. Amazing, delicious

and excellent are only a few of the positive words

that best describe your products. To say your fruit

is a hit with my family is an understatement!