Honeybell Tangelos and Valencia Oranges

Honeybell Tangelos and Valencia Oranges
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March - April

Detailed Description

Honeybell Tangelos

The Honeybell’s name comes from its flavor, form, and family tree. Its nectarous taste and unique bell shape give it its first name, while its ancestors -- the tangerine and pomelo (A.K.A. grapefruit) merge to form its last. More specifically, the Honeybell descends from the Dancy tangerine and the Duncan grapefruit. The result is an incredibly easy-to-peel fruit with savory sweetness.

Available in February - April

Valencia Oranges

Valencia Oranges are the last orange of the citrus season. All that extra time ripening on the tree gives Valencias an abundance of juice and flavor, perfect for both eating and juicing. When juiced, they produce a glass of pure sunshine! Best of all, Valencias keep well, retaining their just picked flavor and juiciness for up to six weeks in your refrigerator. Be sure to order plenty to have on hand for cool refreshment all summer long!