Honeybells and Grapefruit

Honeybells and  Grapefruit
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Detailed Description

Honeybell Tangelos


The Honeybell’s name comes from its flavor, form, and family tree. Its nectarous taste and unique bell shape give it its first name, while its ancestors -- the tangerine and pomelo (A.K.A. grapefruit) merge to form its last. More specifically, the Honeybell descends from the Dancy tangerine and the Duncan grapefruit. The result is an incredibly easy-to-peel fruit with savory sweetness. Like all good things, however, the Honeybell season comes to an end -- and quickly.

Available in January and February only, so order now!


 Red Grapefruit

Beautiful and full bodied in flavor, our Florida Red Grapefruit can be enjoyed as is or as a festive addition to any dish. Irresistible freshness, premium quality.


What is Florida Red Grapefruit?
 Available every month of the season, Florida Red Grapefruit brings with it an intense flavor, a stunning presentation, and a classic charm. It's a guaranteed day brightener, whether sent to a friend's doorstep or your own.