Navel Oranges & Baby O Mandarins

Navel Oranges & Baby O Mandarins
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December and January

Detailed Description

Baby-O Mandarins

Naturally sweet, seedless, and easy to peel, Sun Harvest Citrus' Baby-O Mandarins make an outstanding on-the-go snack. Enjoy them anytime, anywhere. Small finger friendly, these compact treats get rave reviews from kids of all ages, making them ideal as a festive holiday snack, an eagerly anticipated lunchbox staple, or a welcome stocking stuffer. The little kid in all of us will enjoy this new gem of Florida fruit.

Navel Oranges

A world favorite, the Navel orange is easy to peel and seedless, contains an incredible sweetness coupled with just the right amount of tang, and offers a day's dose of vitamin C. Its natural goodness and packaging make it a healthful grab 'n' go snack. Citrus trivia side note: the Navel's "inny" is actually just a baby orange within the fruit. Now how cute is that?