Navel Oranges and Fl. Red Grapefruit

Navel Oranges and Fl. Red Grapefruit
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Navel Oranges and Red Grapefruit

An international favorite, the Navel Orange is seedless, easy to peel, and sweet with just a little bit of tang. The Florida Navel grown in our groves truly stands out from its Californian cousin by its higher juice content. Available November to January, this fruit is a crowd pleaser for snacking, adding to salads, or using the rind to make orange holiday cookies!

The Navel Orange (formerly known as the Washington Navel) was first introduced into the US in the late nineteenth century from Brazil. It has since propagated across the country for its popularity. The “navel” of the fruit is a second fruit growing inside the orange!


  Red Grapefruit

Beautiful and full bodied in flavor, our Florida Red Grapefruit can be enjoyed as is or as a festive addition to any dish. Irresistible freshness, premium quality.


What is Florida Red Grapefruit?
 Available every month of the season, Florida Red Grapefruit brings with it an intense flavor, a stunning presentation, and a classic charm. It's a guaranteed day brightener, whether sent to a friend's doorstep or your own.



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Mini-bells, navel oranges and ruby grapefruit 1/22/2013
This is the best tasting fruit, ever!!