Navel Oranges and Honeybell Tangelos

Navel Oranges and Honeybell Tangelos
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Detailed Description

Navel Oranges

An international favorite, the Navel Orange is seedless, easy to peel, and sweet with just a little bit of tang. The Florida Navel grown in our groves truly stands out from its Californian cousin by its higher juice content. Available November to January, this fruit is a crowd pleaser for snacking, adding to salads, or using the rind to make orange holiday cookies!

The Navel Orange (formerly known as the Washington Navel) was first introduced into the US in the late nineteenth century from Brazil. It has since propagated across the country for its popularity. The ďnavelĒ of the fruit is a second fruit growing inside the orange!


Honeybell Tangelos

Our most coveted fruit. Honeybells have a memorable flavor of nectar-like sweetness and are generally seedless. Although easy to peel, we recommend doing so over a sink as this fruit has a very high juice content. In high demand, this Florida citrus is only available in January. Donít miss the hype and order for your loved ones today!

Honeybells arenít oranges! They are a hybrid of the Dancy Tangerine and the Duncan Grapefruit. This bell-shaped fruit (hence its name) cannot be picked. The top of the bell is delicate and would tear if it was harvested in the traditional way. Each Honeybell must be hand trimmed off the tree carefully with a pair of clippers. Harvesting this fruit is a very labor-intensive process, but anyone who has had a Honeybell knows itís worth it!

Available in January only