Navel Oranges and Red Grapefruit

Navel Oranges and  Red Grapefruit
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November - April

Detailed Description

Navel Oranges and Red Grapefruit 

The Navel, our only variety bold enough to bare its midriff, is justifiably confident. A world favorite, the orange is easy to peel and seedless, contains an incredible sweetness coupled with just the right amount of tang, and offers a day's dose of vitamin C. Its natural goodness and packaging make it a healthful grab 'n' go snack. Citrus trivia side note: the Navel's "inny" is actually caused by a baby orange within the fruit. Now how cute is that?


 Red Grapefruit

Beautiful and full bodied in flavor, our  Red Grapefruit can be enjoyed as is or as a festive addition to any dish. Irresistible freshness, premium quality.



What is Red Grapefruit? 

 Available every month of the season,  Red Grapefruit brings with it an intense flavor, a stunning presentation, and a classic charm. It's a guaranteed day brightener, whether sent to a friend's doorstep or your own.