Red Navels and White Grapefruit

Red Navels and White Grapefruit
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December ONLY

Detailed Description

Red Navel Oranges

As the saying goes, “It’s what is on the inside that matters,” and the Red Navel brings it in spades! Like our classic Navel Oranges, they are also seedless, sweet, and easy to peel.

This citrus is sure to impress at the dining table with its taste and lively color. Available only in December!

The Red Navel is also known as the Cara Cara Orange, named after the farm where it was discovered: the Hacienda de Cara Cara in Valencia, Venezuela. This fruit is still new to the US market, only being commercially sold since the 1980s.

White Grapefruit
“Florida Original”

True story: When our farmer and his wife were newlyweds, he always served her the bottom half of the grapefruit at breakfast. "It's sweeter," he'd explain, and they'd sit down to discuss the merits of bottom half vs. top. The top was like the bottom, but with a tad bit more tang. Twenty some years later, they've ended the debate. Now, they each enjoy a whole grapefruit. So can you. With Indian River Grapefruit, you can halve your fruit and eat it, too.