Valencias and Red Grapefruit

Valencias and Red Grapefruit
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March through April

Detailed Description

Valencia Oranges

Dig into one of these and youíll hit juice soon! Itís Florida sunshine, bottled in a peel. The Valencia offers versatility - itís ideal for both juicing and eating - and has the highest natural sugar content of all our oranges. Since it retains its just-picked flavor and juiciness for up to six weeks in the fridge, youíll want to stock up and enjoy its cool refreshment well into the summer! The Valencia and our Supreme Citrus Juicer make a perfect team.


 Red Grapefruit

Beautiful and full bodied in flavor, our Florida Red Grapefruit can be enjoyed as is or as a festive addition to any dish. Irresistible freshness, premium quality.


What is Florida Red Grapefruit?
 Available every month of the season, Florida Red Grapefruit brings with it an intense flavor, a stunning presentation, and a classic charm. It's a guaranteed day brightener, whether sent to a friend's doorstep or your own.