b"Christmas Specials December 15 th To Ensure On Time DeliveryOrder By The Threesomes The Deluxe Threesome AtrifectaofSunHarvestCitrus'sbestFloridaWhatmakestheDeluxeandSuperThreesome fruit! It can be ordered in Junior (5 lb), Originalevenbetter?Addingsomeofourbest-selling (10 lb), or Super (30 lb). sweets. The Deluxe package includes all citrus of the original Threesome and more! This tray includes: This tray includes:Our best Florida Red GrapefruitDark Chocolate Dipped Coconut Patties (2-pc.) Sweet fresh-off-the-tree NavelsOrange Frosted Pecans Our famous Baby O's in December or Honeybells Key Lime Coated Pecansin JanuarySuper size it with two additional trays of citrusSelectionApprox. Wt.CodePriceCRPJunior Citrus Threesome 5lbKTPTM5$44.95 3 SelectionCodePriceCRPOriginal Threesome10 lbKTPTM10$54.95 4 Available DecemberAvailable DecemberDeluxe Citrus ThreesomeKTPTMD$59.95 4Super Citrus Threesome30 lbKTPTM30$84.95 7& January Only! & January Only! Super Deluxe ThreesomeKTPTMD30 $89.95 7The Junior Christmas Grove BasketThe Classic Christmas Grove Basket 62.95KTJCGB, CRP 4 $79.95KTCGB, CRP 5$Looking for a festive gift with vintage flair? Our JuniorThenostalgic Classic Christmas Grove Basket is Christmas Grove Basket, filled with 8 lbs of flavor-packedloaded with 19 lbs of fresh Florida citrus, adorned citrus, fits the bill. This basket's old-fashioned charm,with seasonal goodies. This is a gift guaranteed simple warmth, and holiday cheer give its recipientsto receive a stamp of approval with each bite a walk-through-the-grove feel with flavor that's freshbeing more delightful than the last. from the tree. This basket includes:This basket includes:19 lbs of fresh Florida Oranges and Grapefruit 8 lbs of fresh Florida Oranges and GrapefruitDark Chocolate Coated Pecans Dark Chocolate Covered CranberriesPecan Roll Pecan RollMilk Chocolate Coated Cranberries Santa Face CookieSanta Face CookieHoneybell Express54.95to$104.95$Make the Christmas Season last with theOur Promise to YouHoneybell Express! This tray includes: The Sun Harvest Citrus family takes pride in theYour choice in weight of the juiciest Honeybells exceptional quality of our fruit. If you or your giftHoneybell Marmalade, 16 oz.recipients are not delighted with a shipment for any Honeybell ExpressApprox. Wt.PriceCRP reason, please let us know. We will promptly send a KTHBE-55lbs$54.953KTHBE-1010 lbs$64.954 First, we ship the Honeybellreplacement or issue a refund to the sender.KTHBE-20 20 lbs$76.955 marmalade to arrive before Christmas.Then, KTHBE-30 30 lbs$94.957 we ship the Honeybells in KTHBE-4040 lbs$104.958 early January at the peak of season.10 FREE Shipping on All Orders *See page 26 for details. 800-743-148011"