b"Available in April Available in NovemberThrough AprilValencia Oranges Sweetheart Wreath42.95to$92.95 $64.95KTSHW, CRP 5$Nature saved the juiciest for last. Our Valencias are theTo give sweets or not to give sweets? Ah, the final oranges of the Florida citrus season. The extrasweethearts eternal dilemma.We think weve time they spend on our trees packs them full of thehit upon the perfect solution in our Sweetheart classic taste so iconic of Sunshine State citrus. Wreath, where a little indulgence marries the renowned flavor of nutrition-packed Florida Valencia OrangesApprox. Wt.PriceCRP citrus. Welcomed by guys and girls, for any KTV-55lbs$42.953 sweethearts occasion.KTV-1010 lbs$52.954KTV-20 20 lbs$62.955KTV-30 30 lbs$82.957 This wreath includes:KTV-4040 lbs$92.958Milk Chocolate Lindt TrufflesFlorida Red Grapefruit Florida Citrus Wreath$42.95to$92.95 $64.95KTFCW, CRP 5 Beautiful and full bodied in flavor, our FloridaOur Florida Citrus Wreath is made of 19 lbs of Red Grapefruit can be enjoyed as is or asOranges and Grapefruit.It carries with succulent a festive addition to any dish. Irresistiblecitrus a message of sunshine you can send all freshness, premium quality. season long! We will add a 4 oz. package of orange glazed pecans for a tasty finishing touch.Florida GrapefruitApprox. Wt.PriceCRPKTR-55lbs$42.95 3 This wreath includes:KTR-1010 lbs$52.954 Orange Frosted PecansKTR-20 20 lbs$62.955KTR-30 30 lbs$82.957KTR-4040 lbs$92.958Florida PeachesFlorida Oranges and Grapefruit39.95KTFP, CRP 3 42.95to$92.95$ $The latest addition to our fruit line up, FloridaFeeling indecisive? Eliminate the need Peaches begin to ripen over a month before ourto choose with this popular duo of juicy, northern neighbors' season begins, so customerssunsoaked Florida Oranges and Grapefruit.can get an early start on their peaches 'n' cream.A best-seller, year after year! Whether enjoyed fresh or in a cobbler, these never disappoint! Orange/GrapefruitApprox. Wt.PriceCRPKTOG-5 5 lbs$42.953Shipped FREE via Priority Express KTOG-1010 lbs$52.954Includes KTOG-20 20 lbs$62.955SelectionCodePriceCRP Free KTOG-30 30 lbs$82.957Florida Peaches 14 CountKTFP$39.953 Peach TaffyKTOG-4040 lbs$92.958KTOG-20 shown16 FREE Shipping on All Orders *See page 26 for details. 800-743-148017"