b'Available in NovemberThrough April Available in NovemberThrough AprilTraditional Grove Basket Deluxe Traditional Grove Basket67.95KTGBM, CRP 5 79.95KTGBD, CRP 5$ $Enjoy 20 lbs of sun-ripened Oranges and GrapefruitBegin a new tradition by giving this thoughtful overflowing from our old-fashioned Florida grovegift. The bountiful and beautiful Deluxe Traditional basket. This nostalgic basket remains handy evenGrove Basket is brimming with 20 lbs of healthful, delicious fresh citrus as well as these five favorites. after the tree-sweetened citrus is gone.This basket includes: This basket includes: 20 lbs of Oranges and Grapefruit20 lbs of Oranges and Grapefruit Orange Frosted Pecans Chocolate Dipped Coconut Patties Key Lime Coolers CookiesFlorida Marmalade, 8 oz. Junior Grove Basket Deluxe Junior Grove Basket$55.95KTJBM, CRP 4 $62.95KTJBD, CRP 4 Remember everyone on your list with a nostalgicThe Deluxe Junior Grove Basket boasts 10 lbs of Junior Grove Basket. Your recipients will love thefresh Florida citrus and more. Weve added the 10 lbs of fresh Florida citrus and will recall yoursweet deliciousness of Orange Blossom Honey and thoughtfulness every time they use the vintageFlorida Marmalade for the perfect gift. style basket. This basket includes: 10 lbs of Oranges and GrapefruitThis basket includes: 10 lbs of Oranges and GrapefruitOrange Blossom Honey, 8 oz. Florida Marmalade, 8 oz.Double the size for only $12 more and order the Traditional Grove basket shown above."Best Deal"10 lbs of Fresh In-Season Oranges$ KTBDC, 12-14 lbs, CRP 4 Testimonial42.95Its still the Best Deal 12-14 lbs of our sun ripened fresh picked Florida Oranges.SizesSun Harvest Citrus took care of a problem with my may vary, some with blemishes, but all containorder and immediately sent me a replacement. They the same juicy insides as our selected gift fruit. even made a follow up call. Now that is attention I love!Bulk packed without all the frills of a gift for theGary B.Atlanta, GAdiscriminating customer who wants the same citrus delight locals prefer.Bring the Sun Harvest Citrus retail store direct to your door by ordering a Best Deal of Oranges from Florida. 20 FREE Shipping on All Orders *See page 26 for details. 800-743-148021'