b"Our Popular Items AvailableYear Round Our Popular Items AvailableYear RoundCitrus Delicacy Deluxe Tray Gourmet Snacker31.99 KTCDDB 39.95 KTGSP$ $An impressive combination of marmalades andSouthern goodness sure to delight a friend. Make it confectionsAssorted citrus juice candies, extra special by adding 5 lbs of fruit in season.pecan log roll slices, candied cherries and threeThis tray includes:handmade marmalade samples. A great gift for Wisconsin Tomato & Basil Cheddarsomeone special! Spicy Summer Sausage Crisp Water CrackersEnhance this gift! Dot's PretzelsAdd 5 lbs of Select Key Lime Cooler CookiesCitrus for ONLY $10A $42.95 value! Sweet and Tangy Mustard(Nov-April Only)Enhance this gift! Add 5 lbs of Select Citrus for ONLY $10 A $42.95 value! (Nov-April Only)Citrus Delicacy Tray Florida Cracker Smacker24.99 KTCDMB 39.95 KTFCS$ $Made using freshly squeezed citrus juices andExperience savory Floridian snacks and pure cane sugar from the Everglades. Every seasonings all year long! batch of our gourmet candies is made with This tray includes:sun-ripened, fresh-from-the-grove citrus and Pour-on-anything Bull Gator sauce fresh squeezed juice. Sprinkle-on-anything Everglades SeasoningCoat-on-anything Everglades All-Purpose Breader Grill-with-anything Road Kill Grill RubEat-the-shell-too Deep Fried PeanutsEnhance this gift! Add Can't resist Alligator Jerky snack5 lbs of Select Citrus for ONLY $10 A $42.95 value!Enhance this gift! Add 5 lbs of Select Citrus (Nov-April Only) for ONLY$ 10 A $42.95 value! (Nov-April Only)Southern Sampler Key Lime Lover23.99 KTSHE 39.95 KTKLDL$ $Serve or send some southern hospitality to yourAnother staple in Florida flavor, our Key Lime family and friends with our plentiful sampling ofLover tray is packed with some of the best tart chocolate and candy coated pecans and peanuts.treats in Southwest Florida. The tray includes:A delicious 19 ounces of deep Southern flavor. PistachiosKey Lime Juice, 16 oz. CashewsKey Lime Fudge Milk Chocolate Coated PecansKey Lime Butterfield Buds Candy Orange Frosted PecansKey Lime Mojito Cooler Mix Easy as Key Lime Pie MixEnhance this gift! Add 5 lbs of Select CitrusEnhance this gift! Add 5 lbs of Select Citrus for ONLY $10 A $42.95 value! (Nov-April Only) for ONLY $10 A $42.95 value! (Nov-April Only)22 FREE Shipping on All Orders *See page 26 for details. 800-743-148023"