b"Create Your Gift Selection Mix and match any items you want to one addressA $2.00 shipping and handling charge will apply for each item. FromAnyItems ($10.00 minimum)Orange Pecans Orange Blossom Honey4.69 KTOCP, 4 oz. bag 7.49KTOBH, 8 oz.$ $Crunchy, toasted, orange-and-sugar-perfection. Orange Blossoms are among the richest sources These pecans are covered in flavor fromof nectar for honeybees.Under the right the first bite to the last little morsel.Orderconditions of warm sunny weather in Florida, these today for you, your family and youra strong colony can easily make 60 pounds of friends.They're just too good to keep all to yourself, even though you'll definitelyhoney.Orange Blossom Honey carries the sweet want to. Our orange coated crunchy pecansfragrance of a blooming citrus grove.provide a hint of zesty orange flavor and make the ideal party snack.Key Lime Cooler Cookie Tin Jelly & Marmalade Sampler11.99 KTKLC6, 6 oz. Tin 20.99 KTJMS$ $A Key lime pie resides in every Key LimeSample all the flavors of the rainbow! This 6-pack Cooler cookie. assortment features our most popular flavors. When you send these marmalades and jellies, Can't make it to the Keys for the holidays?youll delight them with Floridas most delectable Bring the tropics home with these bite-sizedcollection.Made in Florida from natural fruit and cookies bursting with that signature sweet taste.Masterfully baked by Byrd's Cookies andjuices, straight from the groves.Quality fare for presented in a decorative tin that requires no everyone to enjoy.wrapping. Six 3 oz. jars of assorted jelly and marmaladeKey Lime Juice Florida Jellies & Marmalades3.99 KTKLJ, 16 oz. $4.69 KTJ8, Florida Spread8 oz.$The Key lime juice is not made from your$6.99 KTJ16, Florida Spread 16 oz.average limes.It's freshly squeezed from true yellow Key limes.This variety of KeyFor a complete selection visit SunHarvestCitrus.comlime juice has a superior citrus taste that has been used for marketing award-winning Key lime pies.Make your own Key lime pieFlorida in a jar makes it easy to send a very or use it to create other exceptional dessertshigh-value gift that everyone will enjoy!and drinks.Key lime juice also lends itself well to marinades for salads and meats.24 800-743-148025"