b'Table of Contents Welcome to Our2019-2020 Citrus SeasonAvailable in November Pages 4-5, 17-21 Squeeze in a VisitAvailable in December Pages 6-7 Christmas Specials . Pages 8-11Available in January Pages 12-13Available in February. Page 14Available in March . Page 15Available in April Page 16Available November through April . Pages 17-21Available Year-Round . Pages 22-25Dear Sun Harvest Citrus Customers,We begin this year with both sorrow and determination.InYou are in for a real treat when you walk through the doors at Sun Harvest Citrus. Here is just May, we lost a dear family member, Robert Edsall, Jr., morea glimpse of what is in store for you: Cool off with our freshly squeezed juices, tasty soft-serve affectionatelyknownas"Bobby".Bobbywastheimpetuscones,andhealthyfruitsmoothies.Enjoysamplesofourin-seasonFloridacitrusandfresh behindSunHarvestCitrus\'development,alongtimecitrusjuices. There\'s also a wide selection of distinctive Florida foods and unique gifts.grower, and a proponent of international agricultural education. Join our monthly eNewsletter for updates, discounts, and Afterhisretirementfromfarmingin2001,Bobbycouldbegiveaways by emailing us at friends@sunharvestcitrus.comfoundvolunteeringhistimegradingandpackingatSun HarvestCitrusduringanygivenChristmasrush.Accurately described as quiet, generous, intelligent, and inquisitive, heSun Harvest Citrus Seasonal Varietiesalso had a keen eye for quality citrus and worked diligently to make sure our customers received only the best. CITRUS VARIETY(Item Code) NOVDECJANFEBMARAPRWe share his determination to deliver you our best productNavel Oranges (N)anddedicatethisyeartoseeingthatUncleBobby\'slegacy continues;however,thatlegacyextendsbeyondfinecitrusRed Navel Oranges (X)production.Bobby had an intense interest in the well-being of others and was often seen smiling or sharing a hearty laughMandarins (B)while conversing. In his honor, we simply ask that you spend time getting to know your neighbor by exchanging a kind wordHoneybell Tangelos (HB)or a smile.The world needs more smiles and, with our uncle\'sTemple Oranges (T)departure, it has lost a very genuine one.Sincerely, Valencia Oranges (V)Florida Red Grapefruit (R)White Grapefruit (W)David McKenzieSandy McKenzie Nicely Florida Peaches (FP)Edsall GrovesSun Harvest CitrusCitrus shipping begins November 18, 2019.2 FREE Shipping on All Orders *See page 26 for details. 800-743-14803'