b'JAN and Available inJanuary & February Available in February FEBFEBNavel Oranges Temple Oranges*42.99to$92.99 42.99to$92.99$ $Our Florida Navel Orange is the perfect snack on theDescribed by its discoverers as "fruit distinctly go: seedless and bursting with just the right blenddifferent from the ordinary orange" with deeper of sweet and tang. One of the most delicious wayscolor, more tender pulp, and an exotic flavor, the we can think of to get your daily dose of vitamin C. Temple peels just like a convenient tangerine!NavelsApprox. Wt.PriceCRP * Due to the seasonalTemple OrangesApprox. Wt.PriceCRPunpredictability of KTN-55lbs$42.99 4 Temples, it is difficultKTT-55lbs$42.994KTN-1010 lbs$52.995 to forecast theirKTT-1010 lbs$52.995availability. They will KTN-20 20 lbs$62.99 6 be picked and shippedKTT-20 20 lbs$62.996KTN-30 30 lbs$82.998 when their flavor andKTT-30 30 lbs$82.998quality is at its peak to KTN-4040 lbs$92.99 9 ensure that you receive onlyKTT-4040 lbs$92.999the freshest fruit.Honeybell Tangelos Florida Red Grapefruit$44.99to$94.99 $42.99to$92.99 Our most coveted fruit, Honeybells have aBeautiful and full bodied in flavor, our Florida memorable flavor of nectar-like sweetness andRed Grapefruit can be enjoyed as is or as are generally seedless. In high demand, thisa festive addition to any dish. Irresistible citrus is only available for a limited time. freshness, premium quality.Honeybell TangelosApprox. Wt.PriceCRP Florida GrapefruitApprox. Wt.PriceCRPKTHB-55lbs$44.994 KTR-55lbs$42.99 4KTHB-1010 lbs$54.995 KTR-1010 lbs$52.995KTHB-20 20 lbs$64.996 KTR-20 20 lbs$62.996KTHB-30 30 lbs$84.998 KTR-30 30 lbs$82.998KTHB-4040 lbs$94.999 KTR-4040 lbs$92.999All Things Honeybell Grove Basket Sweetheart Wreath$69.99 KTATHB, CRP 6 $64.99KTSHW, CRP 6 Available November-March This basket is so full of juicy flavor that we had to putTo give sweets or not to give sweets? Ah, the handles on it. These unique easy-to-peel. oranges aresweethearts eternal dilemma. We think weve bursting with an extraordinary sweet flavor that canthit upon the perfect solution in our Sweetheart be duplicated.One bite and you will know why thisWreath, where a little indulgence marries the distinctive citrus is considered a rare treat.renowned flavor of nutrition-packed Florida citrus. Welcomed for any sweethearts occasion.This basket includes: This wreath includes: 19 lbs. of our heavenly HoneybellsIndividually wrapped heart shaped milk chocolates Honeybell Buds hard candy Order by February 7 for Valentine\'s delivery. Mouthwatering Honeybell Taffy10 February 800-743-1480 FREE Shipping on All Orders * See page 23 for details. February 11'