b'Available Now ThroughApril Available Now ThroughAprilThe ThreesomesTraditional Grove BasketNovember - April 69.99 KTGBM, CRP 647.99to$87.99 $$A trifecta of our best citrus.The Threesome can be 20 lbs of Oranges and Grapefruitordered in Junior (5 lbs), Original (10 lbs), or Super (30 lbs). Enjoy sun-ripened Oranges and Grapefruit This tray includes: overflowing from our old-fashioned Florida grove 1. Our best Red Grapefruit basket.This nostalgic basket remains handy even 2. Sweet succulent Navels after the tree-sweetened citrus is gone.3. Fresh "peak-of-the-season" citrusSelectionApprox. Wt.CodePriceCRP Junior Grove BasketJunior Citrus Threesome 5lbsKTPTM5$47.994 $59.99KTJBM, CRP 5Original Threesome10 lbsKTPTM10$57.99510 lbs of Oranges and GrapefruitSuper Citrus Threesome30 lbsKTPTM30$87.998The Deluxe Threesome Deluxe Traditional Grove BasketNovember - April 79.99 KTGBD, CRP 6$$62.99 Begin a new tradition by giving this thoughtful gift. The What makes the Deluxe and Super Threesome evenbountiful and beautiful Deluxe Traditional Grove Basket better? Adding some of our best-selling sweets. Theis brimming with 20 lbs of healthful, delicious fresh Deluxe package includes all citrus of the originalcitrus as well as these four favorites. Threesome and more!This tray includes:This basket includes: Dark Chocolate Dipped Coconut Patties (2-pc.)20 lbs of Oranges and Grapefruit Orange Frosted PecansOrange Frosted Pecans Salty Chips, Pretzels & Caramel PopcornChocolate Dipped Coconut Patties Salty Chips, Pretzels, Caramel Popcorn combined withSelectionApprox. Wt.CodePriceCRP chocolate & caramel drizzle Deluxe Citrus Threesome10 lbsKTPTMD$62.994Florida Orange MarmaladeSuper Deluxe Threesome Deluxe Junior Grove BasketNovember - April 69.99KTJBD, CRP 5$$92.99 The Deluxe Junior Grove Basket boasts 10 lbs For the serious citrus lover there is The Super Deluxeof fresh citrus and more. Weve added the sweet Threesome that includes30 lbs of pure delight. Enjoydeliciousness of Orange Blossom Honey and 10 lbs of each Navels, Honeybells and Grapefruit. Florida Marmalade for the perfect gift. This tray includes:Dark Chocolate Dipped Coconut Patties (2-pc.) This basket includes: Orange Frosted Pecans10 lbs of Oranges and Grapefruit Salty Chips, Pretzels & Caramel PopcornOrange Blossom Honey Bear, 12 oz. Florida Orange Marmalade Chocolate Dipped Coconut Patties (2-pc)SelectionApprox. Wt.CodePriceCRPSuper Deluxe Threesome30 lbs KTPTMD30$92.99 710 8007431480|SunHarvestCitrus.com FREE Shipping on All Orders* See page 18 for details 11'