12 FREE Shipping on All Orders* See page 30 for details. Florida Citrus Wreath $61.95 KTFCW, CRP 5 Our Florida Citrus Wreath is made of 19 pounds of oranges and grapefruit. It carries with succulent citrus a message of sunshine you can send all season long! We will add a 4-ounce package of orange glazed pecans for a tasty finishing touch. This wreath includes: • Orange Pecans Florida Keys Wreath $61.95 KTFKW, CRP 5 With the unique taste of our Key Lime Pecans nicely accompanied by our fresh Florida citrus, our Florida Keys Wreath will have you dreaming of sunshine and beaches. Warning: have flip flops handy! This wreath includes: • Key Lime Pecans Available November through April Available November through April