b"AvailableYear Round AvailableYear RoundNut N' Honey Key Lime Juice (3 Pack)$39.99 KTNUT 21.99 KTKLJ$Orange blossom honey has an incredible flavor thatThe Key lime juice is not made from your average limes. This variety of is inherently Florida. Here, it is tastefully combinedjuice has a superior citrus taste that has been used for making award-with these hearty, sweet and buttery gourmet items. winning Key lime pies. Make your own pie or use it to create other exceptional desserts and drinks. The juice also makes a great marinade This tray includes:for meats and adds a distinctive flavor to salads. Praline Pecan Honey Butter, 4 oz.Three 16 oz. plastic bottles Orange Pecan Honey Butter, 4 oz. Orange Blossom Honey Bear, 12 oz. Honey Bee Nuts & Dried Fruit Mix Honey Sweetened Lollipop Orange Blossom Honey Bears (3 Pack)Enhance this gift! Add 5 lbs of Select Navels for36.99KTOBHONLY $15,a $45.99 value! (Nov-April Only) $Orange Blossoms are among the richest sources of nectar for honeybees.Under the right conditions of warm sunny weather in Gourmet Snacker Florida, a strong colony can easily make 60 lbs of honey.Orange 34.99 KTGSP Blossom Honey carries the sweet fragrance of a blooming citrus grove.$Southern goodness sure to delight a friend. Make it Three 12 oz. plastic Honey Bearsextra special by adding 5 lbs of fruit in season.This tray includes: Salty Chips, Pretzels & Caramel Popcorn Dipping Pretzels Jelly & Marmalade Sampler (6 Pack) Cheddar Cheese Beef Sausage 31.99 KTJMS$ Crisp Water Crackers Sample all the flavors of the rainbow! This 6-pack assortment featuresSweet and Tangy Mustard our most popular flavors. When you send these marmalades and jellies, Enhance this gift! Add 5 lbs of Select Navels foryoull delight them with Floridas most delectable collection.Made in ONLY $15,a $45.99 value! (Nov-April Only) Florida from natural fruit and juices, straight from the groves.Quality fare for everyone to enjoy.Florida Cracker SmackerSix 3 oz. jars of assorted jelly and marmalade43.99 KTFCS$Experience savory Floridian snacks and seasonings all year long!Orange Frosted Pecans(3 Individual Bags)This tray includes: 23.99 KTOCP$ Pour-on-anything Gator Hammock SauceFrosted, toasted, orange-and-sugar-perfection.These pecans areSprinkle-on-anything Everglades Seasoningcovered in flavor from the first bite to the last little morsel.Order theseGrill-with-anything Road Kill Grill Rubtoday for you, your family and your friends.They're just too good toEat-the-shell-too Deep Fried Peanuts keep all to yourself, even though you'll definitely want to. Our orangeCitrus Sunshine Seasoning coated frosted pecans provide a hint of zesty orange flavor and make theCan't resist Alligator Jerky snack ideal party snack.Enhance this gift! Add 5 lbs of Select Navels for Three 4 oz. bagsONLY $15,a $45.99 value! (Nov-April Only)16 8007431480|SunHarvestCitrus.com FREE Shipping on All Orders* See page 18 for details 17"