b"Our Popular Items AvailableYear Round Our Popular Items AvailableYear RoundCitrus Delicacy Deluxe Tray Key Lime Juice (3 Pack)31.99 KTCDDB 21.99 KTKLJ, 16 oz.$ $An impressive combination of marmalades andThe Key lime juice is not made from your average limes. This variety confectionsAssorted citrus juice candies,of juice has a superior citrus taste that has been used for making pecan log roll slices, candied cherries and threeaward-winning Key lime pies. Make your own pie or use it to create handmade marmalade samples. A great gift forother exceptional desserts and drinks.The juice also makes a great someone special!marinade for meats and adds a distinctive flavor to salads.Enhance this gift! Add 5 lbs. of Select Citrus for ONLY $10 a $42.99 value!Orange Blossom Honey Bears (3 Pack)(Nov-April Only) 34.99KTOBH, 8 oz.$Orange Blossoms are among the richest sources of nectar Citrus Delicacy Tray for honeybees.Under the right conditions of warm sunny 24.99 KTCDMB weather in Florida, a strong colony can easily make 60 lbs. of $Made using freshly squeezed citrus juices andhoney.Orange Blossom Honey carries the sweet fragrance of a pure cane sugar from the Everglades. Everyblooming citrus grove.batch of our gourmet candies is made withsun-ripened, fresh-from-the-grove citrus and fresh squeezed juice. Jelly & Marmalade Sampler (6 Pack)31.99 KTJMS$Enhance this gift! Add 5 lbs. of Select Citrus forSample all the flavors of the rainbow! This 6-pack assortment ONLY $10 a $42.99 value!features our most popular flavors. When you send these marmalades (Nov-April Only)and jellies, youll delight them with Floridas most delectable collection.Made in Florida from natural fruit and juices, straight from Southern Samplerthe groves.Quality fare for everyone to enjoy.$Six 3 oz. jars of assorted jelly and marmalade23.99 KTSHEServe or send some southern hospitality to your family and friends with our plentiful sampling ofOrange Frosted Pecans (3 Individual Bags)chocolate and candy coated pecans and peanuts. 23.99 KTOCP, 4 oz. bag$A delicious 16 oz. of deep Southern flavor. Pistachios Frosted, toasted, orange-and-sugar-perfection.These pecansCashews are covered in flavor from the first bite to the last little morsel. Milk Chocolate Coated Pecans Order these today for you, your family and your friends.They'reOrange Frosted Pecans just too good to keep all to yourself, even though you'll definitely want to. Our orange coated frosted pecans provide a hint of zesty orange flavor and make the ideal party snack.Enhance this gift! Add 5 lbs. of Select Citrus for ONLY $10 a $42.99 value! (Nov-April Only)20 Year Round 800-743-1480 FREE Shipping on All Orders * See page 23 for details. Year Round 21"