b'Join the Sun Harvest Citrus Plan Greetings! We sincerely hope that this challenging time finds you and yours With a Box of Fresh Fruit Every Month safe and well.Amidst all of the chaos 2020 has brought, it is refreshing to be able share the exciting news that this There\'s a sense of excitement that comes from discovering a personal gift at the door. It\'s a connectionyearmarksthe30thanniversaryof with a real person, a friend, someone who cares enough to say "Hello".For 30 years, the arrival ofSun Harvest Citrus\' packinghouse and our sun-sweetened citrus on doorsteps across America and Canada has evoked a similar emotion inretail store! While we are extremely our customers.proud of our Sun Harvest team\'s hard work, we are ever mindful of the fact It so easy to join the plan. thatwecouldneverhavearrived 1. Select the ideal gift from all the packages or baskets available in this seasons catalog. atthismilestonewithoutyou,our 2. Decide on the number of months you want to have this gift arrive.Select from 3, 4, 5 or 6 months. customers.Foryourloyalty,weare 3. When do you want the plan to start? humbly grateful.Give us a call at 800-743-1480 and our citrus specialists will assist you in selecting the best inAs we launch this season, we would season citrus for your gift.love for you to join in our celebration. Wehaveaddeda30thAnniversary You pay ONLY when the package ships.No up-front cost.Deep discounts on every last month\'sEdition Bucket of Sunshine to our line package in our plan, from 30% to FREE on the sixth package. up. Right now, we could all use more sunshineandsomeextravitaminC wouldn\'thurtuseither!Wethink you\'ll find plenty of both as you leaf through the following pages. Always, but especially Call today! Don\'t miss sending theChristmas this year, we wish you happiness and health, and offer our thanks to you for helpingGift Guide& make Sun Harvest Citrus 30 years and still going strong!freshest Navels, Red Navels or FloridaPersonalizedGift List Arriving Sincerely,Red Grapefruit in November. in OctoberDavid McKenzieSandy McKenzie NicelyEdsall GrovesSun Harvest CitrusSun Harvest Citrus Seasonal VarietiesCITRUS VARIETY(Item Code) NOVDECJANFEBMARAPR Table of ContentsNavel Oranges (N) * *Red Navel Oranges (X) Available in November Pages 4-5Mandarins (B) Available in December Pages 6-7Honeybell Tangelos (HB) * Available in January Pages 8-9Temple Oranges (T) Available in February. Page 10-11Valencia Oranges (V) Available in March . Page 12Florida Red Grapefruit (R) Available in April Page 13White Grapefruit (W) Available November through April . Pages 14-17Florida Peaches (FP) Available Year-Round . Pages 18-21Citrus shipping begins November 18, 2020. *USA Grown - From our neighboring states.2 800-743-1480 FREE Shipping on All Orders * See page 23 for details. 3'