b"Red GrapefruitSeason Available NOW through AprilCitrus WreathNovember - April69.99 KTFCW, CRP 6Red Grapefruit $45.99to$95.99 Our Citrus Wreath is made of 19 lbs of Oranges and $Grapefruit.It carries with succulent citrus a message Beautiful and full bodied in flavor, our of sunshine you can send all season long! We will add Red Grapefruit can be enjoyed as is or asa 4 oz. package of orange frosted pecans for a tasty a festive addition to any dish. Irresistiblefinishing touch.freshness, premium quality.This wreath includes: 19 lbs of Oranges and Grapefruit Orange Frosted PecansGrapefruitApprox. Wt.PriceCRPKTR-5 5lbs$45.994KTR-10 10 lbs$55.995KTR-2020 lbs$65.996KTR-3030 lbs$85.998 Sweetheart WreathKTR-40 40 lbs$95.999 69.99 KTSHW, CRP 6$To give sweets or not to give sweets? Ah, the sweethearts eternal dilemma. We think weve hit upon the perfect solution in our Sweetheart Wreath, where a little indulgence marries the renowned All Grapefruit flavor of nutrition-packed citrus. Welcomed for any sweethearts occasion.This wreath includes: Individually wrapped heart shaped milk chocolatesShip by February 7 for Valentine's delivery.Navels & Red GrapefruitJunior 5 pounds Single 10 pounds Couple 20 poundsFamily 30 poundsLarge Family 40 pounds45.99to$95.99$Feeling indecisive? Eliminate the need to choose with Grapefruit Facts:this popular duo of juicy, sunsoaked Oranges and Grapefruit. A best-seller, year after year!Next to oranges, grapefruits are one of the most popular citrus fruits in the United States. Known for its combination of extreme bitterness and slight sweetness, this fruit is also versatile when added to salads, fruit medleys, and other recipes. Grapefruit contains several types of antioxidants that may help prevent the development of some chronic conditions, including heart disease and cancer. Orange/GrapefruitApprox. Wt.PriceCRPKTNR-5 5 lbs$45.994 Contain disease-fighting antioxidants and excellent source of vitamin C KTNR-10 10 lbs$55.995 The name for the Grapefruit was created by a Jamaican farmer when he noticed the fruit grew KTNR-20 20 lbs$65.996 in clusters similar to grapes KTNR-30 30 lbs$85.998KTNR-10 shown KTNR-40 40 lbs$95.999 Grapefruits can be white, pink, or red6 8007431480|SunHarvestCitrus.com FREE Shipping on All Orders* See page 18 for details 7"