b'Available Now ThroughJanuary AvailableSeasonallyFor the first time ever! Baby-O Mandarins are available in December & January. Temple Oranges*February Only45.99to$95.99$ Mandarins Described by its discoverers as "fruit distinctly December & January different from the ordinary orange" with deeper 47.99to$97.99 color, more tender pulp, and an exotic flavor, the $Temple peels just like a convenient tangerine.Our Baby-O Mandarins are the darling of our Sun Harvest Citrus lineup. TheseTemple OrangesApprox. Wt.PriceCRPdelightful little guys pack a sweet punchKTT-5 5lbs$45.994as a mid-day snack or a lunchbox treat.KTT-10 10 lbs$55.995Our Premium Citrus Variety KTT-2020 lbs$65.996KTT-3030 lbs$85.998Approx. Wt.PriceCRP * Due to the seasonal unpredictability of Temples, it is difficult toKTT-40 40 lbs$95.999KTB-5 5lbs$47.994 forecast their availability. They will be picked and shipped when their flavor and quality is at its peak to ensure that you receive KTB-10 10 lbs$57.995 only the freshest fruit.KTB-2020 lbs$67.996 Valencia OrangesKTB-3030 lbs$87.998 March - AprilKTB-40 40 lbs$97.999 45.99to$95.99$Nature saved the juiciest for last. Our Valencias are the final oranges of the citrus season. The extra time they spend on our trees packs them full of the All Mandarins classic taste.Valencia OrangesApprox. Wt.PriceCRPKTV-5 5lbs$45.994KTV-10 10 lbs$55.995KTV-2020 lbs$65.996KTV-3030 lbs$85.998KTV-40 40 lbs$95.999Includes Florida Peaches Junior 5 pounds Single 10 pounds Couple 20 poundsFamily 30 poundsLarge Family 40 poundsFREE Peach April OnlyCandy Buds39.99 KTFP, CRP 4$Mandarin Facts:The latest addition to our fruit line up, Florida Peaches begin to ripen over a month before our Mandarin Oranges, also know as Baby-Os,are a small, loose-skinned variety of the common orange, typicallynorthern neighbors\' season begins, so customers sweeter and less acidic than the larger oranges. Thought to have originated in India, they travelled acrosscan get an early start on their peaches \'n\' cream. China where they picked up the name mandarin. Whether enjoyed fresh or in a cobbler, these never disappoint! 0-2 seeds Shipped via Priority Express Easy to peel Available December & JanuarySelectionCodePriceCRPFlorida Peaches 14 CountKTFP$39.9948 8007431480|SunHarvestCitrus.com FREE Shipping on All Orders* See page 18 for details 9'