b"Christmas Gift GuideOrder By December 15 thTo Ensure On Time DeliveryMerry Citrus TreeFeaturing 49.99 KTMCT, CRP 4$MandarinsThis Floridian tree is made of the limited easy to peel Baby-O Mandarins and a plump, sweet Red Grapefruit.The tree is trimmed with the best Enhance this gift!dark chocolate stars and topped with an orange Add 10 lbs of Selectflavored solid milk chocolate star.Navels for ONLY $20a $55.99 value! This tray includes: 7 lbs of Baby-O Mandarins Red Grapefruit Chocolate Stars Orange Flavored Solid Milk Chocolate StarKTMCT10Florida Believers Basket 59.99KTFBB, CRP 5$In Florida we believe in Santa Claus, but we have our doubts about flying reindeer. We do know that eight bull alligators can easily pull an airboat Featuring loaded with toys across the Everglades. That's why we offer these holiday items to young and old alike. MandarinsThis basket includes: 7 lbs of Baby-O Mandarins Milk Chocolate Red Nose Gator Reindeer Santa Face Cookie Chocolate Covered Pecans Candy Gator Poop with fishies8007431480|"