Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I redeem my points online?

When you create an online account with us, you are assigned a new customer number, even if you have previously ordered through our store or over the phone. If you have only ordered with us online, then you should receive a prompt during the check-out process informing you that you have points, and asking you if you would like to use them. We do not automatically merge your online account with your older accounts, however, and if your points are on another account you won't be able to apply them to your web orders. In order to solve this problem you may call us and ask us to merge your two accounts (please allow 24 hours for your account to reflect this change). If you do not wish to call, or it has not been 24 hours and you want to place your order online anyway, you may leave a note in the shipping instructions box indicating that you wish to use your points on your order and our web specialist will be sure to apply your points.

Please note: We purge customer information, such as addresses, past orders, and credit card information 90 days after your orders have been shipped. We do this for your security.

Does placing an online order create a new account in addition to my existing account?

Placing an online order does not automatically create a new customer account; however, creating a new user account (by clicking 'register' under 'new customer' on the login page) will create a new customer account. If you have a web account already but cannot remember your login information, you may call us so we can help you retrieve your account information. If you have created an account by coming into our store or ordering over the phone, and you create an online account, the two accounts will not automatically merge. In order for you to merge your two accounts you would have to call us and ask us to merge them. Please allow 24 hours for your account merger to be reflected in our system.

How long will it take to process my order?

Usually within one business day of placing an order it will be processed: in order to ensure the best service possible, we manually verify each online order, so if your order is not processed immediately, please be patient with us.

Why can't I see what I ordered last year?

We purge customer files from our online servers 90 days after your last order was shipped, for your security, so while you won't be able to see what you ordered or who you sent it to last year, you will still be able to log in. However! So that your previous year's orders are not completely lost, we do send a gift list every October, which will list who you sent gifts to, and what you sent them.

How do I send multiple gifts on one order?

In order to send multiple items to more than one person you need to simply select your item, and click on the 'Add to Cart' button, which will display the item in your shopping cart. Once you've verified that the item in your cart is what you want, you can click on the 'Home' button, and select your next item from our home page.

You will not be able to send to multiple recipients by choosing an item and choosing a larger quantity. If you specify a quantity greater than 1, all items in that quantity will go to the same address (for example if you chose Navel Oranges and set the quantity to 5, all five boxes will go to the same person.)

I placed my order but my credit card has not been charged, when will I see a charge?

We do not charge you for your order until we ship it, that way if there are any issues with the fruit, or you decide you want to change your order, you may do so until the shipping date. Once we ship your fruit, you will see a charge on your card. If you wish us to charge your card immediately, please indicate that in the 'Shipping Instructions' box during your checkout process.

How do I set a future ship date?

Before beginning the checkout process, while you are still in your Shopping Cart, there will be three buttons at the bottom of the page: 'Continue Shopping', 'Ship to Multiple Addresses' and 'Proceed to Secure Checkout.' Click on Ship to Multiple Addresses, and you will be able to choose who you want to send your gift to, and when you want to ship it. We realize that sometimes technology does not work the way it should, if you are unable to access the calendar, even though you clicked ship to Multiple Addresses, you may let us know when you want your fruit to ship by telling us in the Shipping Instructions box during your checkout.

How do I use my gift card/gift certificate online?

Unfortunately there is no way to redeem your gift card or certificate online, however, if you leave a message in the Shipping Instructions that you have a gift card or certificate that you would like to redeem, our web specialist will call you back and apply that for you. If that option does not work for you, you may also call us and place your order over the phone, and we can apply your gift card or certificate at that time.

There are multiple shipping preferences when I try to check out, which one should I use?

FREE Shipping is the usual shipping preference for orders shipping within the continental US, however if you select the wrong shipping method, or are shipping to a P.O. Box, Canada, Alaska, or Hawaii, your shipping will be charged when we review your online order. For a full listing of all shipping methods and their prices, please refer to our All About Shipping page.

How do I add a gift message?

Select the 'Ship to Multiple Addresses' in your shopping cart. This option will give you the choice of who to ship to, which delivery method to use and the shipping date. Select 'to someone else' from the ship to dropdown box and either select someone from your address book or add someone new. Once you have finished that and are back in your shopping cart, there will be a text link next to 'ship to' that says 'Enter Gift Message (optional)'. Click that and add your message. Your gift message will not display in your email confirmation.