Out of Season
Gourmet Snacker Pack with 5 lbs navels

Gourmet Snacker Pack with 5 lbs navels

Product Code: GSPN
Out of Season. Available in November.
Out of Season

To citrus or not to citrus? Our apologies to Shakespeare, but, where our Gourmet Snacker is concerned, that really is the biggest question. And, while we have our own thoughts about the answer, we know you will, too. That's why we've added flexibility to this gift package. Loaded with a nice blend of fine snack foods, perfect for parties or casual get-togethers. (with an add-on option of 5 pounds of select citrus) Call us biased, but, in our humble opinion, the deal becomes even sweeter with the citrus, fresh from our Indian River groves. Still the choice is yours, really. William would have wanted it that way.

• Dipping Pretzels

• Beef Sausage

• Salty Chips, Pretzels & caramel popcorn

• Cheddar Cheese

• Crisp Water Crackers

• Sweet and Tangy Mustard