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Temples and Red Grapefruit

Temples and Red Grapefruit

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    Temple Oranges

    While walking through a family grove in the early 20th century, Louis and Ethel Hakes discovered a tree bearing "fruit distinctly different from the ordinary orange. Its color was deeper, the pulp tenderer, and the flavor exotic." What's more, this citrus delight, named after the Florida citrus pioneer instrumental in the Temple's 1917 debut on the market, peels like a tangerine. The couple considered it a fortunate find. We think you will, too!

    Due to the seasonal unpredictability of this citrus variety, it is difficult to forecast their availability in February. They will be picked and shipped when their flavor and quality is at its peak to ensure that you receive only the freshest fruit.

    Red Grapefruit

    Beautiful and full bodied in flavor, our Red Grapefruit can be enjoyed as is or as a festive addition to any dish. Irresistible freshness, premium quality.

    What is Red Grapefruit?

    Available every month of the season, Red Grapefruit brings with it an intense flavor, a stunning presentation, and a classic charm. It's a guaranteed day brightener, whether sent to a friend's doorstep or your own.