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About Us

The Sun Harvest Citrus Story

The Sun Harvest Citrus story began in 1940, when Robert Edsall, Sr. planted his first grove in Vero Beach, Florida. The Indian River location had been declared optimum for growing fruit with a unique, exceptionally sweet blend of flavor. Robert's diversity in variety selection quickly proved successful and, decades later, he passed the Edsall Groves legacy on to his son, Bobby. Today, Robert's grandson, David McKenzie, oversees the groves.

In 1990, the business took on a new dimension when the family decided to offer the extraordinary taste of their citrus to the public by building its own packinghouse and retail store in Fort Myers, Florida. The result? Sun Harvest Citrus, born under the leadership of Robert's granddaughter, Sandy McKenzie Nicely.

This is an exciting time for citrus, and we are eagerly anticipating providing you and your loved ones with the finest fruit available. Our goal is to exceed your expectations like never before!

To ensure you stay supplied with the very best Navel Oranges and Honeybells all season long, we have carefully chosen only those groves that provide the sweetest and juiciest selections. As for those succulent Honeybells you look forward to each January, we are delighted to inform you that you can now enjoy them through April.

There is so much to look forward to this season! The best-available, premium fruit is yours when you order from Sun Harvest Citrus. Explore our website to discover sun-ripened selections bursting with health and flavor. We look forward to serving you!